Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Can You Be Catholic And Support Barack Obama in 2012?


  1. This is absolute lunacy, Joe.

  2. Mr. Escalante - with all do respect, the Latin (followers of Rome, NOT the ethnic designation) "church" has done much to promote socialism in its history. Divorced from the Body of Christ, this is only to be expected. Simply put, when one relies on humanity (as Aquinas forced the West (non-Patristic) world into with his "Summa Theological" and its subsequent popularization through Rome) as the source of "knowledge," it only follows that the "social justice" (liberation "theology," a product of South American Latinism and Marxism) would become the staple of Western (non-Patristic) Latinism in its political form, which accepts, in the first place, the legitimacy of modern, humanistic governmental forms.

    Oh, and "Urban Struggle" rules, especially after having lived in HB for several years.

    the sinner,


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