Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Waking The Sleeping Giant That Is The Catholic Church

The Catholic League has issued a call to action over President Obama's mandate that Catholic Hospitals must act against their faith in connection with providing birth control options to patients. Will this work? Is this the age of martyrs some are predicting?  It just may be.

It has been said that there was no "Evangelical Right Wing" voting block in this country until Roe V. Wade was handed down by the Supreme Court 39 years ago. That woke up a sleeping giant and they have been a voting force ever since. If the U.S. Catholics voted as one block we could accomplish amazing things for the entire world.

I read recently the claim that "98% of Catholics use birth control." I don't believe that. Most Catholics probably have used various birth control methods forbidden by the Church at one point in their lives. I did, and I regret it. I confessed it, was forgiven by God's infinite mercy' and I moved on. Sad that enemies of the Church are now picking apart our religion and making new rules for us because not enough of us are good Catholics....according to our enemies.

The support for Obama among Catholics in 2008 was shocking to me. I recoiled from him when he claimed that he went to this high profile church for 22 years but didn't know what they preached. Today Hugh Hewitt called Obama's the most anti-Catholic administration since the Blaine Amendment era. It's hard to be a good Catholic, but it's easy to refrain from voting for Barack Obama. We can all do at least that. It doesn't mean you have to vote for a Republican.  Vote for someone who will at least not work against the Church.  It's not a sin to ignore the major candidates and write in someone who shares your values. However,  according to Archbishop Cardinal Raymond Burke, one can not "in good conscience" vote for Obama if one knows his positions on life issues. Now you know them.

The sleeping giant might truly be awakening. Recently, major Catholic Obama supporter and  Ambassador to Malta Doug Kmiec  announced he's rethinking his fantasy that the most pro-abortion senator could morph into a president that would protect religious liberties.  I knew this would never work, you knew it. Why didn't they? I'll admit that if you offer me an Ambassadorship to Malta, I would be tempted. So let's give this guy the benefit of the doubt and welcome him to the Catholic Army that is poised to be the deciding factor in picking the next president.

As Father  Ed Broom, OMV says, "Martyrdom? No better way to go."


  1. great post, Joe. I'm a Protestant, and this "decree" outraged me. And today's (Friday 02/10/12) compromise is no such thing, it simply adds a layer. The insurance companies will not provide services out of the goodness of their hearts, the premium payers will cover them. Who pays the premium? The Church. Besides, there is no compromise of an unconstitutional act. This is just another twist of the dagger that this president has plunged into the heart of our constitution, one more sign that he believes that document is deficient.

    As for writing in a candidate in November's general election, I would strongly urge against that. A write-in or third party challenge would most likely hand Mr. Obama a second term. That prospect truly frightens me.

    Great photo with the post, by the way.

    Thanks for the forum.

  2. Thanks Debbie. How about this candidate? http://www.facebook.com/EscalanteForJudge